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Dust Masks +Plus


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Dust masks (particulate respirators) are to be used in the workplace where airborne particulates such as dust (from sawing and cutting operations, for example), dirt and insulation are generated or are present as part of the environment. Dust masks protect the worker?s lungs and airways from damage due to the inhalation of airborne crud. A lot of other crud can enter our minds and hearts from our work environment. This safety card details how dust masks should be worn, and how, by filtering what we see and hear through the Word of God, and also applying it to our lives to clean up what has worked its way in, we can keep from “inhaling” a lot of crud!


  • Size: 2.5 x 4 (folded)
  • Durable, water and tear resistant
  • Safety protocols and first-aid tips
  • Devotional reading and scripture reference