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What To Do When an Injury Occurs +Plus


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Accidents can happen to anyone. When they involve injuries, immediate attention is required. In the time it takes for professional medical care to arrive, correct application of first aid can improve the outcome for the injured person, and even save lives, especially in cases of severe bleeding. Workers need to stay current in their first aid training in order to be prepared to properly respond to an injury situation. Christians are instructed to be adequately trained in Godliness in order to render spiritual aid and encouragement to those around them. This card provides instructions on how to handle job site injuries, and to commit to enduring the pain of strenuous training in order to be able to do the job well when called upon.


  • Size: 2.5 x 4 (folded)
  • Durable, water and tear resistant
  • Safety protocols and first-aid tips
  • Devotional reading and scripture reference