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Say Cheese! - Toolbox Safety Cards
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Can you frown while thinking a happy thought? Try it and see. It’s almost impossible to frown while you are happy! The chemistry of the two opposing emotions doesn’t mix well on your face. Focusing on negative thoughts is mentally exhausting and can be physically taxing, causing headaches, distraction and even discouragement that sometimes leads to depression.

Your face is uniquely yours, and communicates many things about your disposition. Are you happy? Sad? Focused? Preoccupied? While you follow proper eye and face protection rules on the jobsite, be aware of what else is on your face:

  • Are you doing okay? What are your current mood and thoughts?
  • Don’t let something that’s bugging you distract you from your work. Stop the string of worrisome thoughts running through your brain and give it a rest, even if it’s only for five minutes. Some people find it helps to write their worries down on paper and leave them there until it’s the right time to resolve the issue.
  • Find something to smile about. Focus on what is going right. Think about things that are beautiful, true and admirable.
  • We all have bad days now and then. Don’t let them throw you off your game. You can improve your level of happiness by focusing on the big picture of what is going well, instead of dwelling on what isn’t.

Eye and face protection is insurance against disfigurement and injury. Thinking positive thoughts about worthy things is insurance against negative attitudes.

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